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Women Who Rock | The Belle and The Bear

October 8th 2023

Women Who Rock is a charity event held annually at the Belle and The Bear in Montgomery, OH. The event features an amazing lineup of local and national touring musicians performing throughout the day. The donations collected go toward Women Helping Women a Cincinnati based charitable foundation that makes a difference in so many lives. This event has raised over $70,000 for them in the last 2 years. This year they raised over $100,000 toward helping women and families in the area.

Musicians photographed: John Corabi, Britt lightning, Julia Lage, Tyson Leslie, Kathy Laverde, Kevin Cooper, Jamie Combs, Jim Questa, Rick Dews, Jonathan Grooms, Travis Hanna, Melissa Singer-Reed, Ann Coleman, Brian Coleman, Dave Wade, Steve Kracus, Dick Stewart, Rae Renee, Jacquelin Stevens, Chase Stevens, Gina McCann, Johnny Fink, Doug Drew, Mark Robinson, Mark Cooper, TJ Wethington, Tom Parsons, Heather Mattingly, Casey Gomez, Mason Johnson, Tom Heitkemper, Byron Walton, Chris Reese, Dave Taylor, Roger Bates, Brandy Evans, Micky Evans, and Don Hudson

Event Hosts: Bridget Rock & Scott Hall

Photos by Nikki Forte


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