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"The King and Crockett" | Marcus King and Charley Crockett, with special guest Molly Tuttle

August 22nd 2023

In an electrifying convergence of musical prowess, "The King and Crockett" tour featuring Marcus King and Charley Crockett, alongside special guest Molly Tuttle, stormed the stage at Cincinnati's Andrew J. Brady Music Center. The evening unfolded into a mesmerizing journey through a fusion of several genres including bluegrass, country, and blues leaving the audience enthralled from start to finish.

Molly Tuttle commenced the night, entwining intricate guitar melodies with her emotive vocals. Seamlessly weaving through folk, bluegrass, and Americana realms, Tuttle left the audience spellbound by her virtuosity. Tuttle set the perfect tone for the evening, inviting listeners into an experience that promised both musical diversity and unity.

The atmosphere took on a magnetic aura when Charley Crockett hit the stage. Crockett's magnetic presence and vintage-inspired look and sound breathed new life into country, blues, and soul. Akin to a maestro, he conducted the crowd's energy, leading to swaying and dancing to the infectious rhythm. Crockett's narratives painted vivid stories, fostering an intimate camaraderie among the attendees.

Marcus King and his ensemble absolutely commanded the stage. A maven of the guitar, King delivered an onslaught of blues-infused rock that left the audience in awe. Each note he played showcased his mastery, channeling the essence of rock legends while infusing his distinctive flair and youthful dynamism. King's voice intertwined seamlessly with his guitar solos, spotlighting his extraordinary skill and the band's harmonious synergy.

"The King and Crockett" tour's co-headlining structure accentuated the concert's magnetic dichotomy. Charley Crockett evoked nostalgia with his vintage allure, while Marcus King ignited a contemporary blaze that resonated across diverse musical preferences. The juxtaposition of these two exceptional talents crafted an all-encompassing and immersive live experience that transcended boundaries.

Charley Crockett live at The Andrew J. Brady Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Marcus King live at The Andrew J. Brady Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Molly Tuttle live at The Andrew J. Brady Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio


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