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The Cadillac Three | Bogart's

November 2nd 2024 | Photos/Review by Nikki Forte

The Cadillac Three, the sonic shamans of the crossroads where country and rock converge, descended upon Bogart's, casting a spell upon their very devoted congregation that had gathered to bear witness to their musical revelation.

The Cadillac. Three at Bogart's

A band like no other, they possess a sound that defies conventional description. Their performance that night was a journey into the heart of Americana, a pilgrimage to the sacred ground where honky-tonk meets hard rock, and where the spirit of the South reigns supreme.

But the magic of the evening didn't stop there. As if summoned by the cosmic forces at play, they brought local musician, Brent James, to the stage. Brent seized the moment with a harmonica in hand. His notes soared and wailed, merging seamlessly with the symphony of The Cadillac Three. It was a moment of pure alchemy.

Brent James with The Cadillac Three at Bogart's

Opening the gates to this fantastic show was none other than the enigmatic Riley Thomas, a. new maverick of the modern country scene with a rebellious punk spirit coursing through his veins. With a sound that could rouse thunder from the heavens, Thomas' band set the stage ablaze with a performance that rocked the very souls of the audience.

Riley Thomas opening for The Cadillac Three at Bogart's

Make sure to check out The Cadillac Three's latest album: HERE

As well as Riley Thomas' latest HERE:


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