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Steel Panther's On The Prowl Winter Holidaze Tour 2023 | Bogart's

December 8th 2023

Steel Panther's On The Prowl Winter Holidaze Tour 2023 brought the spirit of the season to Cincinnati, Ohio, with a festive stop at Bogart's on December 7th.

Steel Panther is certainly making this holiday season memorable for their fans across a 12-city trek that kicked off on December 1st. The night was filled with the signature high energy and humor that fans have come to expect from them.

Their commitment to engaging with the crowd was evident, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere that added an extra layer of fun to the show. They took the opportunity to spread holiday cheer, promising to stuff stockings for all the naughty housewives in attendance. Which led to the inclusion of some lucky audience members joining Steel Panther onstage. This interactive gesture further strengthened the connection between the band and their fans, creating an awesome experience for everyone involved.

Steel Panther live at Bogart's in Cincinnati, Ohio 12/7 | Photos by Nikki Forte

Seattle rockers Moon Fever shared the stage with Steel Panther, bringing their own brand of rock to the festivities.

Moon Fever kicked off the evening at Bogart's with an unexpected technical difficulty. 

Despite the hiccup, singer Triston Bracht demonstrated remarkable poise, keeping the audience engaged and the energy levels soaring until everything was back online.

In the face of the challenge, Triston's charismatic stage presence shone through as he interacted with the crowd, ensuring that the momentum of the performance remained unaffected. A bit of crowd surfing and swift action from the tour crew added a spontaneous and dynamic element to the show, showcasing the band's ability to roll with the punches and adapt seamlessly to unexpected situations.

Once the technical issues were resolved, Moon Fever, consisting of Triston Bracht on vocals, Troy Wageman on drums, Dave Gracious on bass, and Mitch Micoley on guitar, delivered a stellar performance that more than made up for the initial setback. The chemistry among the band members was evident as they powered through their set with enthusiasm and precision. Turning what could have been a stumbling block into a memorable and unique part of the show. Their resilience, energy, and stellar performance  set an electrifying tone for the rest of the evening, making them a fitting and impressive opening act for Steel Panther.

Moon Fever live at Bogart's in Cincinnati, Ohio 12/7 | Photos by Nikki Forte


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