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Maggie Rose | RiversEDGE

June 7th 2024

Maggie Rose with Crowe Boys live at RiversEdge in Hamilton, OH

Photos of Maggie Rose by Nikki Forte | FORTE Studios

Photos of Crowe Boys by Nikki Forte | FORTE Studios

About Crowe Boys:

Crowe Boys have been making music since both could pick up an instrument. Their music was an integral part of their families traveling lifestyle. While aspect of their career have changed over the years, the underlying message of their music has not. Being positive and sharing hope has always been their trademark. Now, a couple of decades later, that is still the case.

Their sound today flies under the banner of Alternative music. It is reviving and hopeful, remembering adventure, yet revealing honesty of life and hardships. There have been milestones that contribute to what many of their songs are about… Losing family members, falling in love, and the joys of becoming a parent. The music can speak depth or strum joy. It has purpose and intention, eager to share with the world. 

The two brothers have a bond that is not only obvious on stage, it is in their creative process as well. Their passion shows most when they are able to sing about things most important to them. First and foremost is their relationship to family. It is the bond that held them inseparable as boys on the road; it’s the glue that kept them tied together & mending at the passing of their mom from cancer; and as men, it is having each other to lean on through life’s ups and downs. That dynamic is played upon in this latest round of music, and it is part of what makes the music powerful and hopefully life changing for those who need it!

The joy they know of today is found in authentic lyrics, definitive riffs, and brothers having fun despite living in historic broken times. Every song will give you a reason to move forward, the knowledge that you are not alone, and an understanding from two guys that it is in music that we oftentimes find healing.


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