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Legendary Custom Motorcycle Builder CHOPPERS INC.'s Official Private Label Coffee

June 6th 2024

Legendary Custom Motorcycle Builder

CHOPPERS INC.'s Official Private Label Coffee

Racing Ahead as the New Standard in the Motorcycle Rally World

Available via CONCEPT CAFES in 12 oz. Bags or Nitro Cold Cans

+ New Promo Box

pictured: Nicole Dane w/Michelle & Group Talent Agency

Choppers Inc. Coffee Nitro Cold Cans are unbeatable!

Choppers Inc. Coffee is the official signature private label coffee of legendary custom motorcycle builder Billy Lane.

Billy Lane has been building custom choppers, most famously his signature hub-less cycle (as featured on his coffee), for decades alongside other legends such as Indian Larry, Paul Sr., & Jesse James. Billy was a feature builder on Discovery Channel and was recently featured on an episode of Jason Mamoa’s HBO show ‘On the Roam’.

Billy’s Choppers Inc. Coffee made it’s first appearance at Bike Week in Daytona in the Spring of ’23, and since then has been a rally staple at both Bike Week and Biketoberfest. Choppers Inc. is also featured at Billy’s famous vintage motorcycle races ‘Sons of Speed’.

After tremendous success in Daytona and dubbed as the first legit biker coffee in the world, the coffee line has become available online via Concept Cafes to the global riding community and is now popping up at rallies around the country.

Choppers Inc. Coffee is an 100% organic Peru SHB grown at the highest elevations in the Andes where coffee can be harvested, and medium bodied roasted for an all- day riding companion and a friend for a long night in the garage.

The coffee is roasted extremely fresh and is available in (12oz) bags, nitro cold cans, and most recently Billy even released custom tees for the label.

Concept Cafes tell us "There are a lot of riders in the Concept’s world, and we’re literally within pissing distance from Daytona; so when the opportunity presented itself to work with a legend like Billy to create a coffee for bikers by bikers, the only question everyone had was how custom could we build this lady…and she turned out to be the beauty queen! It’s been a hell of a ride so far, a 10/10 from the riding community, so we’re really looking forward sneaking one into every saddlebag out there on the open road."

If you missed Billy & the Choppers Inc. crew @ Bike Week ' worries! You can now take home a piece of all the nitro-packed action w/ a midnight ride through Chopper City w/ the legend himself! So, what are you waiting for, let's fuel up & hit the road w/ the world's only dedicated rider's coffee, Billy Lane's official Choppers Inc. brew!!!

Get Billy Lane's Official Choppers Inc. Coffee Box now:

Billy Lane's Official Choppers Inc. Coffee Box included:

(1) Choppers Inc. Pinup Tee

(1) 12oz Bag of Choppers Inc. Coffee

(1) 12oz Nitro Cold Can of Choppers Inc. Coffee

(1) Choppers Inc. Sticker


Everybody remembers that first opening riff, that mid-song breakdown, that blast beat crescendo that turned them on, and tuned them into Metal forever. With our artist partners like Cannibal Corpse, Max & Iggor Cavalera, and Ministry; we’re trying to recapture that moment of Metal possession for the fans by immersing them into a Metal coffee obsession like no other. As lifelong fans ourselves, we’re constantly seeking out the most epic Metal experiences; whether it’s records, live shows, merch, etc., so if we can maybe someday say we we’re a small part of that collective fan experience, then we’ve done our job. It’s also super important for us to illuminate the fact that these are the artists’ coffee stories, not our own, we’re just the chaotic-evil little elves that help them conjure their visions and forge them into reality for the fans.

We’re not here to snobbishly push conventional coffee culture upon Metalheads either, nor we will we ever try to flip a quick gimmick on our Metal brothers & sisters to make a quick buck. We’re humbled literally everyday with this responsibility, and the opportunity to work with Metal legends. This is why we are constantly pushing the boundaries and possibilities, because foremost we believe there is no other comparison to the dedicated devotion metalheads have in keeping Metal music alive and stronger than ever! Metal deserves the absolute best when it comes to coffee!

Reality is coffee culture has become basic cookie-cutter over the past couple of decades; so safe and just a shell of itself which once fueled artists and their music across several generations. We want to revive that creative fire, and as far as playing it safe…it’s metal, motorcycles, & horror…what did you expect?!

Concept Cafes Coffee


999 Douglas Ave Suite 1109

Altamonte Springs FL 32714



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