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Jake "The Snake" Roberts | Liberty Funny Bone

June 27th 2023 | Nikki Forte

Wrestling fans are well aware of WWE Hall of Fame superstar Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

For those who may not be as aware, Jake began his wrestling career in 1975 and wrestled actively until the early 2000s. Jake gained prominence in the 1980s and 1990s, primarily wrestling for major promotions such as the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Throughout his career, Jake Roberts left a lasting impact with his unique character, memorable storylines, and in-ring psychology. While his active wrestling career has come to a close, Jake continues to make occasional appearances in the wrestling world and remains an influential figure in the industry.

For more in depth info on his career click here.

Roberts has been very open about his personal struggles with addiction over the years, and has actively reached out to help others who are facing similar challenges. Jake has used his experiences to become an advocate for addiction recovery and has dedicated himself to assisting those in need. He has shared his story through various platforms, including interviews, documentaries, and public speaking engagements. One of these speaking engagements I had the pleasure of attending tonight at the Liberty Funny Bone.

Jake's storytelling ability is nothing short of remarkable. He wove together wild tales from his wrestling career infusing each narrative with a unique blend of wit, wisdom, and self-awareness. He has a gift for capturing the essence of a moment, whether it be a humorous observation or a poignant reflection. His words had the power to make us laugh uproariously one moment and then silently reflect on the deeper messages hidden within his stories the next.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of connection that Jake established with the audience. Despite his larger-than-life persona, he made everyone feel like they were sitting with an old friend, sharing intimate moments and engaging in genuine conversation. His humility and authenticity were truly refreshing, making the experience all the more special.


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