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The Cadillac Three | Cincinnati, OH

October 20th 2022

Currently on their Hillbilly Hypnotized Tour, The Cadillac Three made one hell of a stop in Cincinnati, OH at Bogart's. The guys hosted a pre-show event they call the BAR ROUND HERE MEET-UP AND PRE-GAME at a local bar called The Dime. They have several more stops on the US portion of their tour with a few more of these fun pre-show meet-ups. Opening the show was a killer group called Everette based out of Nashville, TN. They put on a fantastic show as well.

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Check out Garage Radio on Planet Rock (UK) as well as their craft beer Country Fuzz by Flytes Brewhouse

To see more about Everette check out their website HERE

Follow them on INSTAGRAM, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


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