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3 Doors Down and Candlebox | Rose Music Center

July 7th 2023 | Nikki Forte

Brace yourselves, music aficionados, for I have just experienced a mind-blowing night of pure rock and roll ecstasy. Candlebox and 3 Doors Down set the stage ablaze at the renowned Rose Music Center, leaving the crowd awestruck and craving for more. Words fail to capture the raw energy, intense emotions, and unparalleled talent displayed by these iconic bands.

From the moment the lights dimmed and the roaring applause filled the air, anticipation electrified the atmosphere. Candlebox took the stage, and the crowd erupted into a frenzy of cheers and whistles. Their iconic grunge-infused rock instantly captivated every soul in the venue. Kevin Martin's distinctive voice resonated with power and passion, effortlessly transporting us back to the '90s, where Candlebox first carved their place in the rock music scene. Their performance was a masterclass in stage presence, as they flawlessly belted out hits like "Far Behind" and "You." The band's synergy was undeniable, with their tight instrumentals and infectious energy spreading like wildfire, fueling the crowd's enthusiasm.

As the last notes of Candlebox faded away, the anticipation for 3 Doors Down reached a fever pitch. Brad Arnold's gritty yet melodic vocals cut through the air with incredible precision, leaving no doubt that 3 Doors Down is a force to be reckoned with. The band's setlist was a carefully curated collection of their greatest hits, showcasing their versatility and mastery of the rock genre. The crowd was treated to electrifying performances of anthems like "Kryptonite," "Here Without You," and "When I'm Gone," each song delivering a sonic punch that resonated deep within the hearts of every fan. The combination of power chords, melodic hooks, and heartfelt lyrics created an emotional journey that transported us through the highs and lows of life. The production value of the show was top-notch, with stunning visual effects, mesmerizing lighting, and impeccable sound engineering. Each aspect worked in perfect harmony, creating a sensory feast that enhanced the overall experience.

The Rose Music Center provided an ideal venue, offering excellent acoustics and a comfortable atmosphere, ensuring that every seat in the house had an exceptional view.

Beyond the music, both bands demonstrated their genuine appreciation for their fans. Engaging the audience with heartfelt gratitude and witty banter, they fostered an intimate connection that made the night even more memorable. The collective energy between the bands and the audience was infectious, with a shared love for rock music uniting everyone under one roof.


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